Duck Derby

Found an event in Pittsburgh called the Steel City Duck Derby where you adopt rubber ducks for charity that race for prizes. Our ducks did not win but it was still a fun and unique event for sure.

Solar Eclipse April 2024

Our home near Pittsburgh was not in the path of totality for the solar eclipse so we drove north to Erie PA to ensure we could experience the full eclipse. It was an amazing experience that I am sure we will remember forever. The immediate cooling of the air as

Hershey PA

For Aasi’s 13th Birthday we went to Hershey Chocolate World because who does not like Chocolate! The kids got to make their own gigantic Hershey bars and the ride-on tour of the chocolate making process was cool – we rode it several times.


During our flight to and from Lebanon, we choose to have long layovers in Warsaw and check out Poland. We visited the Warsaw Zoo, a Lindor Chocolate store in a mall, and rented a car and drove around the city. It is a beautiful city to explore!

Laurel Hills State Park

The last weekend before the school year started back up and we hadn’t really traveled much all summer due to the Covid pandemic. We had previously traveled to some other waterfalls around the area and couldn’t decide whether to go to more waterfalls or listen to the kiddos and go

Dancing Memories

One of the cutest memories of Naeem dancing at a McDonalds a few years ago. Nothing brings joy like a child dancing and Naeem and Zain both love to dance (and sing). Aasi is much more shy and reserved and would rather watch his brothers dance and sing 🙂 Another

Singing Memories

A video of Aasi singing a collection of songs – he used to sing these same songs all the time Not the kiddos singing but a great memory nonetheless from Castle Moussa in Lebanon One of my favorite memories of all times. Aasi used to love to sing so much


Looking for an escape for the quarantine and social distancing on planet earth, we found ourselves try to escape to a somewhere beyond. We wound up in Mars and witnessed a UFO, Just not the right mars nor a real UFO. Turns out that you just can’t get any vertical

Pittsburgh, PA

Our favorite city. Rich in history, culture and as many attractions and museums as cities twice its size. Known as the Steel City, a reference to its steel mill past, or city of bridges. Fun fact, Pittsburgh has more bridges than any other city in the world including Venice, Italy!

Wheeling, WV

Derek was born in Wheeling in 1983 and the city holds a special place in our hearts. We still have so much family in the area and love to visit our family and eat DiCarlos pizza. One the the coolest parts of the city and maybe its most recognizable landmark

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